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Nestling in the lap of the Himalayas, Kalimpong is the destination for your Lazy Holiday when you need to soothe those nerves. Soak up all that Kalimpong has to offer - the walks, the treks, the nature... you get the idea, ITS ALL HERE! And once you have visited Kalimpong, you will agree that what began as a dream .... lives on as an UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE. Kalimpong is the largest of the for sub-divisions of the District of Darjeeling in the Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council, an autonomous body within the state of West Bengal. Kalimpong lies between the plains of Dooars and the hills of Darjeeling - Sikkim Himalayas. It makes sense to base your holiday in Kalimpong. Popular spots like Lava, Lolaygaon, Rikkisum, Pedong and Rishyap are situated within the Kalimpong Subdivision and are well connected by road from Kalimpong town. Day trips to Darjeeling, Gangtok, Kurseong and Mirik are also easily arranged. If visitors want to continue their holidays to any of these places Kalimpong makes an excellent starting point. Attractions around : Paragliding,Tourists visiting Kalimpong can now take wings and get, quite literally, a bird's eye view of the town and the surrounding hills, valleys and criss-crossing rivers.

Bird Watching,The six-kilometre stretch between Lava and Algara in Kalimpong sub-division in the Darjeeling Hills is one of the world s prominent bird watching zones.
The availability of different species of birds throughout the year, birdwatchers from across the country and abroad make a beeline for Lava and Algara.Birds like Thrush Plain Backed thrush White Collared Black Bird Large Nilvata Grey Headed Canary Flycatcher Orange Flanked Bush Robin Golden Bush robin White Browed Bush Robin Blue fronted Redstart Rusty Flanked Treecreeper Black Lored Tit Black Throated Tit Striated Bulbul Ashy Troated Wabbler White Spectacled Wabller Chestnut Crowned Wabbler Blacked Face Wabbler Striated Laughing Thrush Rufous Capped Babbler Golden Babbler Red Billed Leiothrix Black Headed Shrike Babbler Hoary throated Barwing Chestnut Tailed Minla Rufous Winged Fulvetta White Browed Fulvetta Nepal Fulvetta Rufous Sibia Whiskered Yuhina Striped Throated Yuhina Rufous Vented Yuhina Brown Parrot Bill Oranged Bellied Flowerpecker Ruby Cheeked Sunbird Green Tailed Sunbird Fire Tailed Sunbird Eurasian Tree Sparrow Marroned Backed Accentor Yellow Breasted Greenfinch Darked Rumped Rose Finch Red Headed Bullfinch Gold Naped Finch Hill Partridge Kalij Pheasant Darjeeling Woodpecker Great Barbet Golden Throated Barbet Drongo Cuckoo Tawny Owl Eurasian Sparrowhawk Black Eagle Common Kestrel Common Green Magpie Grey Treepie Large Billed Crow Blue are found in this region.
Hiking:Kalimpong Walks:THE MORNING WALK, THE COMPREHENSIVE INSIGHT, THE EVENING WALK AND MORNING TO DUSK All walks are easily completed in 1 day as the area coverage is within Kalimpong,
Rafting:Trained river guides using the utmost safety norms take you on a very memorable white water river rafting experience especially for first timers and children
Kalimpomg Science Centre:One of the most interesting attractions of Kalimpong in the recent past. Situated just behing the Delo Hill Top, it is a must-visit tourist and educational spot. The Centre has a good collection of scientific instruments and applications used in our day-to-day life which are very interesting. Alongside in the Centre Comples is a fun park with statue replicas of Dinosaurs and host of other things to play and enjoy. Scenice views of Kalimpong town and the Himalayan Peaks can be seen from here.
Rishi Bankim Park is a well laid out spot for taking a leisurely walk.
St.Theresa Church: Built by local craftsmen to resemble a Gumpa, it has wood carvings adorning the walls, depicting biblical scenes, in which personalities resemble Buddhist monks
Army Golf Course a nine hole golf course overlooking beautiful views of the mountains.
Zong Dog Palri Fo-Brang (Durpin) Monastery a Tibetan temple belonging to the Yellow Hat sect of lamaism ,was established in 1970 and consecrated personally by the Dalai Lama in 1976, it contains the Kanguyar, in 108 volumes, brought by the Dalai Lama when he fled. This Gompa has impressive wall paintings in the prayer hall and a rare three-dimensional mandala upstairs.
Mangal Dham dedicated to Lord Krishna. This Hindu Temple is a marvellous piece of architecture.Devotees, especially of the Pranami Dharma, come from far away places.
Dr. Graham’s Homes founded in 1900 by Rev. Dr. J.A. Graham, a Scottish missionary. This institution was established as an orphanage-cum-school for destitute Anglo-Indian children. It is now a renowned regular co-educational school situated in a 500 acre campus.
Deolo Hills the highest point within Kalimpong municipality area (elevation approximately 1650 metres) which provides a 360 degree panoramic view. The Kanchenjunga massif is to the north, beyond the hills of Sikkim that rise from the river valleys.
Sherpa Taar or Sherpa View Point Jelepla Pass can be seen with the mountains descending to the hills and river valleys below. On the southern side is the Relli river valley with Kafer and the hills of Samthar plateau. On the North is Sikkim and the Kinchenjunga panorama.
Durga Mandir and Hanuman Mandir has recently been constructed with a gigantic statue of Lord Hanuman. Just before these places of worship an impressive statue of Lord Buddha, serene in the lotus position has been consecrated with a landscaped rock garden in front.
Nature Interpretation Centre a museum run the Forest Department which depicts nature of the Kalimpong region
Rishi Bankim Park is a small but well laid out Park,
Colonial Bungalows: Heritage houses:
Crookety House Helena Roerich, a Russian herbalogist and healer came to live with her son Yuri, the Director of the "Uruswati" Himalayan Research Institute in the year 1947 till her death on 5th April
Dharmodaya Vihar:The Nepalese Buddhists have a temple named the Dharmodaya Vihar which is on the Rishi Road.The Dharmodaya Vihar is the residence of the Nepalese Buddhist monks. There is a library and a reading room where books on Buddhism and other books in Nepali, English, Hindi , Bengali and Pali languages are kept. The idol of Buddha inside the temple at Dharmodaya Vihar was presented by Buddhists of Kalimpong Dharmodaya Sabha.
Sericulture Research Institute: At this institute silkworms are bred and silk is produced as well as herbs and plants. Locate on the road to Darjeeling, the institute can be visited between 9.30 am and 4 pm.
MacFarlene Church: The church was built after the coming of Scottish missionaries in Kalimpong hills, this church was completed in the year 1890-91